Episode 86: A Timey Wimey All-Of-2013 Round-Table!

Friends, apologies for the long delay in posting this — we had technical issues, life issues and Doctor Who issues! Well, the first two were the reasons we were held up in making this podcast available to you. The third? That’s what brings this episode onto the internets!

Liz and Rudy are joined by round-table regulars Barrett, Beth, Megan and Jay to break down the year of Doctor Who in 2013. Who actively dislikes Clara? Who is REALLY alarmingly mad at the Christmas special? Who still prefers Moffat over Davies? How much wine did we drink? Well, you will find out by listening!

And we promise that soon, we will have a new episode catching you up with all the recent time travel news. We will also definitely be back full-time when Peter Capaldi is back on our screens!




I see how it is, Tumblr. No one wants to ask me anything. FINE. Let’s talk instead about this: KEELEY HAWES AS A VILLAIN ON DOCTOR WHO?!?!?!?!

Excellent. I approve.






I wanted to make a Doctor Who themed present for my friend's 21st. The gf pointed out Karen Kavett’s Doctor Who Guess Who and I really liked the idea.

But of course I needed to make it super difficult for myself so I decided to mix things up a bit by:

  • Redraw all the characters so that everyone is uniform and front on
  • Include the Doctors from all of the series
  • Make the game more accessible as a Guess Who game for non-Whovians (i.e. make sure there’s more than two of each of the following: male, female, hat, tie, glasses, and other typical Guess Who questions)
  • Try to make the cards look as close to the original cards as possible
  • Do all of this by said friend’s birthday

Spoiler: I didn’t finish this by my friend’s birthday. Or by Christmas. It was more of an early Valentines/late birthday/Christmas gift in the end, but it was all worth it. 

I might post some better photos of the finished product later, but for now these camera phone shots will suffice. Happy late Birthday/Christmas/early Valentines, Ness!

This is amazing! You’re a great illustrator :)


This is A+ fanwork, right here.

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Who wants to build a snowman? It doesn’t have to be a snowman. In fact, considering what snowmen are like in the Who-Universe, it shouldn’t be a snowmaaaaaaan…..

Soooooo cute. (And also true!)

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Episode 4 saw the words Bad Wolf appear for the first time. I just made it up on a whim, cos I liked the idea of the TARDIS being graffiti’d. But then I spent the rest of the episode idly wondering who that kid was, why he wrote those odd words. And, having dismissed notions of Evil Super Villain Kid, a plan began to form, in mid-production. Knowing that Rose would become the Time Goddess at the end of the series, I wondered if a Time Goddess would imprint herself on the universe, creating things in her image, like the face of Jesus in a bagel. Better still, these signs would actually summon her into existence. That’s the sort of thing you think about in this job, late at night. And then I worked backwards, inserting Bad Wolf references into almost every script. Funnily enough, I never told anyone what I was doing, in case it didn’t work, but the design department picked up on it—they didn’t even ask what it meant, they just offered to stencil it on Captain Jack’s bomb, in German. The idea spread without anyone knowing what it meant. Which is very Bad Wolf in itself.

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